Dem activists with “3 Flippin’ Things” seek to influence vote in other states - Addison Independent

A small group of Democratic activists in Middlebury is trying to re-register lapsed Democrats in key battleground states.

“3 Flipping Things” is an ad-hoc grassroots organization run by Middlebury residents Mike Roy, Gaen Murphree and Lorraine Tobias that aims to secure a Democratic victory in the presidential election by energizing voters in Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and a few other key states. The centerpiece of the group’s efforts is a postcard campaign focused on getting deregistered voters back on the voting rolls. The advent of social distancing in March halted the monthly meetings at which 3 Flipping Things participants met and wrote out individual postcards to potential voters, but the organizers have figured out a way to keep the card writing going — and even picking up in some cases."



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