Defund police, Burlington activists say - Seven Days

With police on the ropes nationwide, Burlington activists are moving in for the knockout punch: defund the police, empty the prisons, and start over on the whole concept of “public safety.”

"The activists also called for the city to fire Burlington police officers Jason Bellavance, Joseph Corrow and Cory Campbell, all of whom were involved in violent altercations with members of the public, particularly black men, in 2018 and 2019. A petition demanding that the department fire the three cops has netted more than 70,000 signatures. "Anything less than defunding and redistribution perpetuates fear and violence in our community, as we've seen across the country," Lydia Kern told the board. "If this seems radical to you, I challenge you to simply start thinking about it as the right thing to do.""

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  • Mark Maloney
    commented 2020-06-06 20:54:31 -0400
    I may be a libertarian, but that doesn’t make me an anarchist…the idea of defunding the police is lunacy.
  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-06-06 17:26:14 -0400
    I hope that there is a list being compiles of those that want to “defund” police departments so maybe when one of these people need a cop, they can be reminded of their position when they dial 911 ….