Vermont Water Cooler Releases December 2019 Survey Results

Looking back at the Vermont Legislature's signature pieces of legislation over the past couple years, the Vermont Water Cooler team surveyed voters on the success of these legislative initiatives.



Results were gathered by phone 12/18-20/2019. Sampling of 415 respondents. This page last updated 1/4/2020.

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So what do Vermonters actually think about the $10k incentives offered to remote worker? What about our current levels and methods of water quality funding? Or the success of all-payer health care? These are the questions we set out to answer with the Vermont Water Cooler December survey.

The most surprising result was how unpopular the remote worker relocation incentives are - one of Governor Scott's signature initiatives. Only about a quarter of respondents thought it was working or should be expanding. 56% thought it was not working or should be repealed, the most decisive opinion we found.

We found Vermonters to be generally on-board with water quality funding, although there is some skepticism about how well the dollars are being spent. At the end of the day, only one out of five respondents thought we should be spending less on cleaning Vermont's waterways.

Our results from the all-payer question underscore how confusing Vermonters find health care. Over a third of respondents weren't sure how to evaluate the program, while the remaining respondents were nearly equally split between agreeing with the direction of this program, we should try something else, and repealing all-payer.


Thank you to anyone who participated in our survey. If you missed the opportunity and want your voice counted, you can still participate online here:



Happy Commenting,


-The Vermont Water Cooler Team

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