Deb Markowitz recalls interviews, correspondence with “socially awkward” RBG - VPR

Former Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz helped research the first biography of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and interviewed her in her chambers.

"She was, at the time, extremely socially awkward. And what was so interesting is she was a much more casual writer, because we had a correspondence as I was writing my paper. She was reviewing it and putting in side notes. In person, she was very socially awkward. She was very formal. And then in her notes to me, she would sign them ‘Love Ruth’, which I know I've got it in some file somewhere - I'm trying to find some of those letters. But she was a serious person. Of course, I was seeing her in her chambers when she was at work, but she loosened up when she told the stories. ."


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