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St. Johnsbury attorney Deb Bucknam has some good ideas about how you can help your neighbors, yourself, and the very future of your community by supporting local businesses in their time of need.

"Don’t forget Vermont attractions that are also closed down. A gift certificate to a museum, a waterpark, or even a gym membership are also some ideas for friends and family (or yourself). Give “I Love you” or “Thank you” restaurant, attraction, or service gift certificates to your friends, family, and especially those who cannot stay at home in this emergency, such as nurses, doctors, other care providers, police, fire fighters, first responders and those in essential industries. A gift certificate would lift everyone’s spirit! Many restaurants are preparing take-out. If you are buying take-out at a restaurant you where you usually have a sit down meal, leave a tip that equals what you would have tipped at a sit down meal. Local landscapers, contractors, house cleaners, hair-dressers, massage therapists, and other service providers could use a phone call from you now making appointments and paying up front if you plan to use those services after the quarantine is over."

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