Dartmouth to replace ‘Indian’ weathervane - VT Business Magazine

The college founded by a white minister to educate Indians is now eliminating a weathervane depicting an Indian sitting at the feet of Rev. Eleazar Wheelock.

“The 600-pound weather vane, the design for which is nearly a century old, portrays a Native American, wearing feathers and smoking a long pipe, seated on the ground in front of Eleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth's founder. A round shape behind Wheelock is presumed to be a barrel of rum, according to Dartmouth historical records. "It is clear that the images portrayed on the weather vane do not reflect Dartmouth's values," President Hanlon says. "Recently, students and other community members have raised concerns about the imagery on the weather vane, and I share those concerns. We are tremendously proud of our historic—although at times flawed—commitment to welcoming and educating our accomplished Native American students. We are equally proud of the contributions Native Americans have made to Dartmouth's founding and to the current strength and distinctive character of our institution."

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