Darn Tough cuts 50 manufacturing jobs - VT Digger

The pandemic has been darn tough on Vermont’s famous sock maker.

Before the job cuts, Darn Tough employed about 330 people at its headquarters and traditional manufacturing center in Northfield, and at the offices and manufacturing operation that it opened this spring in Waterbury. The company stopped nearly all of its manufacturing operations in mid-March as the governor declared a state of emergency and ordered non-essential manufacturers to close. Because Darn Tough makes socks for the military and law enforcement, the company was determined to be essential. The company sent home its manufacturing workforce with full pay and benefits on March 17 as Gov. Phil Scott ordered the closure of schools and businesses to prevent the spread of Covid-19. About 80 people were able to work remotely for the company; another 250 manufacturing employees received pay for a month before they were furloughed so they could apply for unemployment insurance. Darn Tough continued health insurance and other benefits for those workers.."

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