Cowering at home from Covid-19? Read the best in pandemic literature genre - Seven Days

Bookstores not “essential?” Hah! Tell it to the bibliophile who has just read through his personal library favorites and can’t new titles from the community library. The pandemic has gotten our attention, and Vermont booksellers are finding a market for it. Vermont independent bookstores can find books for you online and have them delivered.

"Like many small businesses, Vermont's indie bookstores are now struggling to survive. They've been battling Amazon and big-chain booksellers for at least 25 years. They've endured in part because of their brick-and-mortar stores — which at a time of social distancing are off-limits. So bookstore owners and managers have had to get creative. Read on for a roundup of how some of Vermont's indie shops have adapted to a changing reality. And the next time you're tempted to order a book on Amazon, buy it locally instead!"

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  • Mark Maloney
    commented 2020-04-28 19:07:38 -0400
    The reaction to COVID-19 is akin to the man who finds an ant infestation in his house and decides to cure the problem by burning his house down. The extreme shutdown measures that we have been living under will have ripple effects that will last for years. When we learn the cost of our food supply, etc., shutting down, we will start to understand that our government will not save us…that job is up to us.