Costco gas station faces another court hurdle – Burlington Free Press

Built, ready for business, but never opened, Costco’s low-cost gasoline operation in Colchester faces yet another court challenge. The determined opposition doesn’t come from climate activists, but from a rival fuel dealer.

"The Vermont Agency of Transportation will be back in court in January to respond to a challenge to its water quality permit to build a traffic mitigation project at Exit 16 in Colchester. The project directly affects the future of Costco's gas station, which is fully built but remains closed after years of legal wrangling with competitors R.L. Vallee Inc. and Timberlake Associates, both of which own gas stations nearby. Skip Vallee, whose company owns the Maplefields gas station just up the hill from Costco, has appealed Act 250 approval for the wholesaler's gas station on the basis of storm water management, as well as traffic. In response, Costco erected a sign at the entrance to its parking lot saying that as soon as the appeals stop, the gas station will open."

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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-28 07:57:49 -0400
    So let me understand this, you have RL Vallee fighting this proposal
    from Costco why, competition should be good for the consumer ??

    RLV Inc, has a gas station sitting on a hill, so this is where the basis
    of stormwater should be addressed, any issues from his storage would
    flow downhill into Winooski or down to Costco be it the New station
    or their warehouse and the other businesses below " Maple fields "

    Costco new station is already sitting below the stormwater level, I
    wonder if RLV Inc’s, only concerns are his is lost revenue ??

    Apparently, someone has money to waste, have you checked the
    gas prices lately…. you’re funding this fiasco !!