Cops seek BLM mural vandal - Rutland Herald

Police are searching for vandal who obscured the V in the BLM mural painted onto State Street last Saturday, turning Lives into Lies.

"Facos did not elaborate on the ongoing investigation other than to say police were pursuing various leads associated stemming from the vandalism he said involved several gallons of oil mixed with mud being used to partially obscure the “V” in “Lives.” Additional damage appears to have been done before and after the vandal’s seeming attempt to turn “Black Lives Matter” into “Black Lies Matter.” Vehicles traveling through the greasy mixture, and later the Speedy Dry firefighters applied to absorb the oil, spread the discoloration to other portions of the mural. City Manager Bill Fraser said firefighters and members of the state Department of Buildings and General Services swiftly moved to clean up the vandalism, which also included some spray-painted graffiti on one side of the crosswalk that runs between the “V” and the “E” in “Lives.”"

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