Middlebury cops grow 'deer camp beards' for Camp Ta-Kum-Ta - Addison Independent

Police officers in the Middlebury Police Department will be growing "deer camp beards" to benefit children with cancer who attend Camp Ta-Kum-Ta. 

If you notice area law enforcement officers sporting whiskers during the next several weeks, there’s a good reason for it. It’s the annual “deer camp beards for kids with cancer” fundraiser for Camp-Ta-Kum-Ta, a South Hero-based camp that provides respite, fun activities and support to children afflicted with cancer, and their families. Participating officers with the Bristol and Middlebury Police departments, along with deputies with the Addison County Sheriff’s Department, have agreed to donate $50 or more to Camp-Ta-Kum-Ta. This allows them to temporarily sport facial hair, which they began growing during the first week of archery season (Oct. 5). They won’t need to pick up a razor through muzzleloader season. While officers won’t actively solicit donations, they won’t decline contributions from those who approach them. This is the fourth year of the fundraiser, which in 2018 netted $4,154. More information is available from Middlebury Police Officer Darrin Hinterneder at DHinterneder@middleburypolice.org.


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