Conservatives push back against political apathy, gun control, media bias – Vermont Daily Chronicle

Some Vermont conservatives are not content to hunker down or move away – they are pushing back against the liberal/progressive tide of gun control and liberal media bias, among other things.

“As of last night, there’s a Republican Town Committee in Putney, the Windham County hometown of former Governor and Senator George Aiken. It’s safe to say that Putney has become solidly Democrat since Aiken won the Putney seat in the Vermont House of Representatives in 1931. The current House member for Putney (and Westminster and Dummerston) is progressive Democrat Mike Mrowicki. No Republican has represented Putney since Phyllis Graham in 1983. The town committee has been inactive for two decades.

Enough is enough, local farmers Mark and Kate Bowen decided. “Over the past decades of elections conservatives in Windham County have had hardly any candidates running for public office. As taxes keep going up, local school control shifts, and the economy continues to stagnate we’ve seen liberal policy fail our community. We want to create a grass-roots network of support for future campaigns and help to give hope to Republicans who have given up on even going to the polls. There are like-minded folks here, but they’ve been so defeated decade after decade that they gave up fighting and just keep their nose to the grind-stone as a matter of survival.”

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  • Jonathan Gilchrist
    commented 2020-01-27 09:15:52 -0500
    As a longtime Democrat I moved to the community mentioned from another state ten years prior. I have seen what a one sided political ideology does to a mainly rural state. I see the local politics in this area as a one sided crony ridden politburo of ultra liberalism and not very supportive of it. When I moved here I applauded the states healthcare which I have gratefully accessed. I have also seen this same abused as our state bleeds out tax money for people using our generous social programs who do not even live in this state. I have watched big city problems with drugs and the gangs who practically bark their contraband on corners to the frustration of ill-equipped law enforcement, hands tied. There is the inertia of ‘select boards’ and other town councils, seemingly opposing commerce and business as property taxes continue to rise and all sorts of hair splitting regulation choking our small farms into extinction. A healthy government thrives when it takes different party views, conservatives as well as liberals, then add the art of political compromise which is only possible when respect for opposition exists. At the moment I see a lot of hostility for anyone that opposes the status quo and that to me smells bad. When I moved here I was impressed how a state could be the first to recognize gay civil union (1992) and have the one of the laxest gun laws in the nation. Now here was a state I could live in. I was inspired by this states Libertarian stand on many issues. But that was a decade ago. Our present political situation in Washington has driven partisans into a reactionary corners. Perhaps a two party system is not satisfactory, but it’s a hell of a lot better that a one party system.