Commercial cannabis opponents fear unintended consequences, cite poll showing 70% of Vermonters opposed - WCAX

An Emerson College poll shows 70% of Vermonters don’t want commercial cannabis operating in Vermont. Maybe it’s because of the increase in mental health illness, addiction, ER visits, and youth consumption seen in other “pot legal” states. And Big Tobacco is waiting to take over the industry, they said.

"Opponents of commercialization are painting a grim picture of the consequences. They say the bill will lead to increased rates of addiction and will open the door for big tobacco to set up shop in Vermont. Wednesday, they tried to convince lawmakers it's a bad idea.
"Major, major addiction; for-profit drug players are getting into this industry," said Luke Niforatos, the chief of staff and policy advisor for Smart Approaches to Marijuana.
Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a Virginia lobbying firm, pitched unintended consequences of taxing and regulating marijuana. They say THC potency continues to skyrocket and that many edibles are marketed toward kids. They're concerned legalizing a market for marijuana could open the door for big tobacco to advertise and target young people in the state.

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  • George Simpson
    commented 2020-02-17 15:46:15 -0500
    This old canard, this gateway thing, doesn’t hold water. Every junkie I know started on Budweiser.
    And Mother’s Milk leads to EVERYTHING.
  • Blaze Carpenter
    commented 2020-02-15 12:04:24 -0500
    The polls are skewed.