Commentary: Sanders whining about media nothing new – VT Digger

Do we really want a president who can’t stand the media AND won’t talk to it unless absolutely necessary? And if conservatives think the media is too liberal, Bernie’s backers think it’s not liberal enough. Scary…..

"Sanders himself has not alleged any intricate conspiracies. His latest gripe is simply that “the corporate media” isn’t giving his campaign enough coverage because it thinks he can’t win. “The corporate media wants you to think our campaign is over,” he proclaims at the outset of a two-minute, 23-second television commercial. “Let me be blunt: I am back and more ready than ever to end the corruption of corporate elites.” But there’s little doubt that behind the “corporate elite” label is the suggestion that because most big news organizations are owned by corporations, and because most corporate bigwigs are against Sanders, those bigwigs are coercing their reporters, editors, and producers to slant the news in an anti-Sanders direction."

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