Commentary: Opposition to BLM is for angry white guys - Conflict of Interest

When someone questions that Black Lives Matter movement may not be good for America in general and black people in particular, it’s, y’know, white anger, a Vermont pundit says.

“So here goes my white male, born on third base, try in response to my family member and Guy, Bill, Jay, Bill and all the other white guys who are so angry that we are focusing on black people for a few minutes. Why do Black Lives Matter? It’s their turn - that’s why. It’s pay back time. We set up this system. We benefitted from the system. That system for 400 years has been killing black people. We stole their land. We denied them bank loans and mortgages. We put them in housing projects, sold them drugs and poison food. When they had no money and committed crime, we arrested them and put them in prison."



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  • John de Bruin
    commented 2020-08-16 14:01:30 -0400
    Obviously this person has been smoking way too many bowls. His concept of 400 years of White persecution falls flat when the actual truth is that Blacks sent Black into slavery (Tribes in Africa sold their own people to slave traders for profit). Same goes for today when statistics prove beyond a shadow that Black on Black crime is roughly 50 times higher than White on Black. Let’s concentrate on real history & not some left wing fabricated BS.
  • Ivan st george
    commented 2020-08-16 10:47:23 -0400
    clearly this guy is a whack job but, a lot of people believe this crap so let us examine how blacks are universally oppressed shall we ?
    In America we killed a half million of our very own whites and blacks in a war to abolish slavery, we have had two black supreme court justices, a twice elected black President, scholars like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and Walter E Williams.
    untold number of black business owners, teachers, Police, Military rank and file and leadership at the highest level of all branches.
    The real "cause " of inner city tumult is the silent bigotry of low expectations and millions of fatherless single parent households whose mothers have several children from different men
    They have no choice of which school to educate their kids and few options as to where to live.
    Its a cancer that will not go away by pointing fingers at fellow black americans who are doing well for themselves
    As for BLM ?, they are decidedly not a civil rights organization, a cursory
    examination will reveal that they are in fact a Marxist anti American
    political organization whos fund raising arm had a convicted terrorist
    as a board member
  • Mark Maloney
    commented 2020-08-12 04:13:00 -0400
    A bigger load of bull than any I’ve read this year, and that’s saying something.