Commentary: hope for painless reduction of VT carbon emissions - St. Albans Messenger

Technology - in the form of cheap, ‘smart,’ easy-to-charge electric cars - may get Vermont to its ambitious carbon goals without a climate council telling us we can’t drive snowmobiles, fly, use leaf blowers, and wear two sweaters in the winter. Or so Emerson Lynn of the St. Albans Messenger gives us reason to hope, anyway.

"But that’s about to change, perhaps much faster than anyone had anticipated, and minus some of the “changed behavior” that was being threatened. Researchers are now saying we can expect electric vehicles to cost about the same as the traditional combustion-engine cars by 2025, five short years from now. The batteries will be much safer, hold a much longer charge, and users will be able to recharge their car’s battery much faster. StoreDot, an Israeli company, is pushing to demonstrate by 2022 a battery in an electric vehicle that can be recharged within 10 minutes. This is all happening because of the profound advantages that are being unlocked through artificial intelligence, the ability to navigate through enormous amounts of data stored in the cloud."

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