Commentary: Fight carbon like it’s 1942, House Transportation Chair says - VT Digger

America needs to sacrifice to save the world - again. We need to get WWII-serious about climate change, one House leader writes.

"These mandates resulted in no more new refrigerators, radios, electric mixers, radiators, lawn mowers, electric toasters, roasters, dishwashers, percolators, phonographs, Christmas lights, electric razors, TVs, metal zippers, sewing machines, jukeboxes, flashlights, irons, vacuum cleaners, coat hangers and playground equipment."

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  • Thaddeus Cline
    commented 2021-01-02 13:01:07 -0500
    If we stopped right now making an environment catastrophe, what would happen ?
    Nothing for 15-25 years and then it would amount to .5 % improvement . All best guess’s say what we could call normal will take at least 200-300 years .
    So you can either change now . Or make it harder to change later . Your choice. Third choice be an idiot.
  • David Flemming
    published this page in The News 2020-12-31 18:50:09 -0500