Commentary: Election law reform worth considering - John McClaughry

As is his wont, the Bard of Kirby offers suggestions to make government work better for the people. Today, Ethan Allen Institute founder John McClaughry suggests giving the franchise to 15-year-olds is perhaps not a wise idea. He also recommends the Legislature rid itself of multi-person districts. Let each lawmaker stand or fall on their own record, he says. 

“We should universally require that registering to vote be a solemn civic act. Every new voter should appear before a clerk or justice and take the Freeman’s Oath, promising to act as a citizen “to conduce to the best good of the [State of Vermont], as established by the Constitution, without fear or favor of any person.” Repeal the repugnant Motor Voter law, where a driver casually checks a box on a form to become a voter.”

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