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Some people think election by mail is a Democratic plot to subvert the election. No, many Democrats insist, it will be used by Trump to subvert the election. Regardless of who (if anyone) is right, Tom Evslin has a solution: don’t rely on the Post Office. Here’s how Americans can do it.

“We must NOT all plan to drop a ballot in the mail in the week before election day. Here’s what we can and should do instead. Get absentee ballots as soon as you possibly can in your state. In some states you’ll get them automatically (which does create its own problems). We don’t want outgoing absentee ballots to be part of a postal crisis. If you are voting in advance, drop off your ballot yourself. In Vermont that can be done at town halls. I googled “where can ballots be dropped off” – this link does that for you – and got useful information for many states. Keep your ballot out of the mail….."



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