Combative Democrat Browning says she may run for Speaker of the House - Manchester Journal

Rep. Cynthia Browning (D-Arlington) writes in the March 1 Manchester Journal that she will seek re-election in November and may also run for Speaker of the House, a post now held by Rep. Mitzi Johnson (D-Grand Isle).

“If I am so fortunate as to be re-elected, I may also be running for Speaker of the House for the January 2021 session. The speaker is elected by a majority of representatives to run the legislative process of the House. The speaker influences membership of House committees, controls the flow of work through those committees and through the full House, presides over the sessions in the House chamber, and negotiates with the governor and Senate leadership over the final forms of bills that will pass into law. I find that under current leadership in Montpelier politics and ideology sometimes dominate reality. Policies are formed based on pre-determined political promises and rhetoric, rather than developed out of an open examination of the facts and evidence surrounding a particular problem."



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