College transcripts should show discipline for sex abuse, rape victim tells legislators – VT Digger

A rape victim whose perpetrator, a UVM student, was found not responsible wants a law requiring colleges to place disciplinary action for sex abuse on a perp’s college transcript.

"A university board investigated Ovitt’s case and eventually found the accused student not responsible. Through tears at a legislative task force hearing last week, the UVM junior described how the assault caused her to suffer academically. She exited her freshman year with a 1.5 GPA.“I haven’t been able to study abroad, or get internships,” Ovitt said. “So it’s not just them who are affected by things on their transcripts, it’s me too.”The experience led Ovitt to found Explain the Asterisk, a student group that is advocating for transcript notations that disclose when students are found responsible and dismissed for sexual misconduct. Currently, colleges are not federally mandated to disclose why a student has been dismissed on their academic files."

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