Co-op loves the plastic bag ban, but supermarkets running low on paper bags - WPTZ

At 10 cents a paper bag, the cumulative impact of the plastic bag ban is adding up for Vermont consumers.

""We instantly saw, the first day of the change, a doubling in the amount of reusable bags," said Kari Bradley, general manager of Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier. "It appears law's having its intended impact." But at larger supermarkets, many customers used to plastic 'film' bags had to buy brown paper bags instead -- and the law now requires retailers charge at least 10 cents per bag. At a Shaw's market in Colchester, employees said paper bag stock was very low. "There is a shortage," said Erin Sigrist, executive director of the Vermont Retailers and Grocers Association. "We've heard about a shortage from chains as well as the small retailers and the shortage is across the country. I think so many states and municipalities are banning plastic bags there's been a run on paper bags.""

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