Climate Caucus says Vermonters must fully fund net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 – True North Reports

The Climate Caucus of the Vermont Legislature Monday night at Sterling College in Craftsbury discussed its aggressive, expensive plan to require the statewide reduction of all carbon emissions by 75% over the next 30 years. True North Reports reporter Michael Bielawski was there.

"[Bradford Rep Sarah] Copeland-Hanzas singled out the Global Warming Solutions Act as what she will be pushing the next legislative session.“ That is a bill that is modeled after a law that was passed in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island,” she said. “It basically would take our goals, our Paris [Climate Accord] goals, in the short term because Gov. Scott said we will meet our Paris climate goals.” She said long term goals would be even more ambitious. “The fact of the matter is we are still falling behind and that’s because these are aspirations, they are not requirements,” Copeland-Hanzas said. Hardwick Electric board member Gina Campoli, who was a member of the audience, asked about the cost of pursuing the agenda proposed by the lawmakers. The question is how do you raise money to fund this stuff?” she said.Copeland-Hanzas admitted that money is a challenge. “If we had the magic answer to that we would already be meeting our goals,” she said. ” … The Global Warming Solutions Act will require us to figure out how to find that money because it will say ‘these are your goals, they are now in statute, and we need to design programs to meet those goals.'”"

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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-24 16:04:04 -0400
    Wake up Vermont, all this foolishness is going to ruin your way
    of life " pay, pay, pay " and will do nothing to " curb " any significant
    reduction of Carbon Emissions other than making Vermonters that
    work ….. pay !!

    If these " Net Zero Guru’s " really want to accomplish anything, look
    to the West " California ", spews more toxins in a day then Vermont
    will ever do in five years……

    Just another Liberal agenda " Band Wagon " that has lost its wheels, don’t find the real perpetrators, just jump on the BW, it makes you
    feel relevant………

    Vermont Laborers & Service providers, make sure when you make
    a bill for working on something for a " Liberal "you add an additional
    NZ ( net zero ) charge, as you can’t lug your tools & ladders on the
    roof of a Prius !!
  • Mark Maloney
    commented 2019-10-24 07:34:28 -0400
    The climate change crowd will not rest until they are the total masters of us all. Their refusal to even consider nuclear power shows the true depth of their convictions. Trying to fill all of our power needs with wind and solar will end up being a very expensive failure. Our government should never pick winners and losers, let the market do that.