City of Burlington dumps million gallons of wastewater into Lake Champlain - WCAX

Treated, but not disinfected, wastewater flowed from the Burlington ‘treatment’ plant for almost an hour during a rainstorm Friday because the plant ran out of bleach. Oops! Swimmers, beware.

"Burlington Public Works says it appears the disinfection tank ran out of bleach faster than it should have. The employee on site during the storm was able to switch supplies and restore disinfection for the remainder of the storm. Due to the issue, for about 50 minutes, the treated, but not fully disinfected wet weather flow was released a half mile into the Lake past the breakwater. There now may be higher levels of bacteria in the nearby water, so the city is advising against swimming at Blanchard Beach, Oakledge Cove, the Blodgett Access and Perkins Pier for 48 hours.”

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