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 Have you been shamed yet? It’s no fun. Is it necessary?

"Peter Erb of Hinesburg was among the emailers. “I just did a foray to the recycling center and to get gasoline and probably not one in ten people has a mask on,” he wrote on May 4. “We have made too big a sacrifice for this to fail,” he added. “Governor Scott must mandate face masks as we loosen up or all will be of naught." The governor and attorney general have taken an intentionally light-touch approach to coronavirus enforcement. Scott often says he prefers to “lead,” rather than “drive” — even as he is taking small but steady steps to reopen the economy and social interaction. The governor “strongly suggests” that individuals wear masks to protect other people from getting Covid-19. That has made shame and public scolding two of the main sticks in Vermont’s coronavirus compliance system. From social media groups to news website comments and official channels set up by the state, many Vermonters are not only proudly falling in line, they are on guard, and going public with their grievances. Pinel pointed out that Covid-19 showed just how quickly rules for good behavior can change, and the lengths people will go to maintain our psychological “dam” holding back the terror. “You know, and if other people are saying, ‘Well, no, we don’t have to do that.’ Then that is, that’s like a little hole, a little leak, in your dam that you need to stop.”

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