China trade war hurting Vermont businesses dependent on imports – VT Digger

A St. Albans custom broker says Vermont businesses dependent on products from China are suffering due to tariffs and a seemingly unstable planning policy. Even a business that uses U.S.-sourced steel is paying more, although it’s unclear why. Makes you wonder how Vermont producers of raw materials – granite for example – are faring in the absence of artificially low prices of Chinese goods. Are orders up?

"Holzscheiter said the United States' tough approach to China has some bipartisan support, and the trade restrictions are consistent with a global trend toward protectionism. But, he said, the Trump administration's rapid shifts in policy, often announced on the president's Twitter account, have made it difficult for his clients to manage the effects. "It's this frustration over, 'what is my supply chain going to be?' and how unreliable it is from the costing and pricing and policy perspective," he said."

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