Chester selectmen debate pros, cons of allowing cannabis operations – Chester Telegraph

Two Chester selectboard members batted legal local cannabis back and forth at a recent meeting. Must reading for anyone interested in both the positives and pitfalls of allowing legal marijuana in your town or city.

Lee Gustafson has asked for the conversation to be on an agenda for several months and he told the board that the town rules should “reflect the values of our town.” Gustafson and board chair Arne Jonynas both felt that the proposed law gave too little control and money to the locality, but disagreed on other points.

“I’d rather be able to say to the state, I don’t care what you say, this is what we want for our community,” said Gustafson, “as the select board, this is what we think is best for our community … there’s a lot of things that we don’t allow as a society because it’s just not good for people.”

Jonynas agreed, but noted that he didn’t want the state or the local government to tell him what to do in his private life. “Making things illegal is not the way to protect our kids,” said Jonynas. “Education is.” Jonynas also noted that there could be income for the town through taxing the sales.

Gustafson said that he was more interested in the philosophical discussion.

Board chair Arne Jonynas spoke against making things illegal to protect kids, favoring education instead

“So the next town over allows a dispensary and gets the tax money and in some ways we get the problem,” said Jonynas

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