Chemical manufacturer operated without basic safety, fire measures - VT Digger

It’s not supposed to be done this way in Vermont, a Grafton chemical manufacturer with Defense Dept. contracts is learning.

"In some cases, it appeared Matrixchem had not filed federally required paperwork with the state to work with and store hazardous chemicals. A national fire safety expert told VTDigger that small chemical companies can sometimes operate “under the radar,” falling between the cracks of different agencies. Grafton town officials alerted state officials in December after a neighboring tenant reported “unsafe and unhealthy” conditions. The complainant was particularly concerned about chemical processing the company was about to start. In mid-December, Grafton Fire Chief Rich Thompson, who is also the town health officer, found the building housing the chemical company was “dilapidated” with “large chemical containers” stored haphazardly. "

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