CHECK OUT PHOTO - Replica of Wright-brothers style airplane that flew over Lake Champlain installed at Burlington airport – WCAX

It looks a little like the Wright Flyer, a biplane with skids and backwards-facing ‘pusher’ engine. It’s a replica of the first airplane that crossed Lake Champlain and then flew loop-the-loops for an astonished crowd in Burlington.

"It's a Burgess-Wright Model F Biplane built in 1911. The pilot, George Gray, named it 'UP,' and in 1912 he flew it from Plattsburgh, New York, to Burlington, Vermont. The flight marked the first-ever over Lake Champlain. "He put on a show for the UVM students and did a bunch of tricks, also known as barnstorming. He did, you know, somersaults and loop-de-loops," said Erin Desautels, an organizer of the celebration. The people of Burlington had never witnessed anything like it. Before that day, most had only seen planes in pictures. "People ran out into the street because what is that noise? What is happening above our heads?" said Desautels."

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