Centrist Republicans prefer older, white male for lieutenant governor - VT Digger

Wherein VT Digger says that centrist Vermont Republicans want Scott Milne to be the next lieutenant governor, not (as Digger recently described candidate Meg Hansen) some 30-something minority woman with bulbous cheekbones and flawless skin. Instead, they want someone with “the physical appearance of a classic northern New England politician,” who “stands a shade over 6 feet tall, squints inquisitively when he speaks and has an easy crooked smile.”

“Scott’s name started coming up probably a little before Covid broke,” said Sen. Corey Parent, R-Franklin, of those discussions earlier in the year. With the seat open, “to me it was really an opportunity to win the lieutenant governor’s seat for the Republican Party and get a centrist in there — someone who could work with Gov. Scott,” he added. Parent reached out to Milne and told him he would support him if he decided to make a bid. A couple of weeks later Milne asked if the state senator would manage his campaign — a position Parent accepted.."

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