Castleton president resigns, cites events of last two weeks - Rutland Herald

A week after the plan to relocate Northern Vermont University students to Castleton University failed, the president of Castleton announced her resignation. The events are connected.

"“The circumstances that have occurred over the past couple of weeks have put me in a position where I feel that I can’t lead at the same level. I don’t want folks to be distracted by trying to understand some of the decisions that have been made, because we don’t have time for the distractions. I have every faith in this team and I am really disappointed because I had made a commitment to stay at Castleton for a long time. I think I’ve shared with people that going through the challenges with COVID-19 my little mantra has been, it’s forcing us to stand still and appreciate what we have, and there’s just so much that I have to appreciate about being at Castleton University and its campus, so I’m deeply disappointed to share my decision.”

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