Castleton church reno for sale as home: just $375,000 - New York Times

We’ve all heard about the rich New Yorkers fleeing north to escape riots, pandemic and (now) unnecessary commuting. This week’s Sunday New York Times profiled a perfect little property for someone - a Castleton church renovated into a five-bedroom home. Pricetag $375,000. Gotta love those cathedral ceilings!

“The rumor attached to this Victorian church building, formerly St. John the Baptist, is that it was abandoned in the 1970s because it lacked a center aisle and was considered undesirable for weddings. (Its successor is cater-corner across Main Street.) After sitting vacant for several years, the building was transformed in the 1980s into a home and art gallery. The current owners bought it five years ago to use as a residence and made many structural and cosmetic improvements, including fresh paint inside and out."



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