Capitol lockdown revealed communications flaws among law enforcement agencies - WCAX

Vermont State Police say there were gaps in communications among the many law enforcement agencies involved in the August 30 response to an alleged shooter entering a state building on State Street in Montpelier. Fortunately the long-gun the “shooter” was carrying turned out to be an umbrella, but police say there were numerous breakdowns in communications, including radios that would not function well in below-ground tunnels, thick granite structures, and inter-agency equipment incompatibility.

The solution -- a new $50,000 repeater which can connect all agencies on a singular channel. But the question of who will front the cost remains unclear. Romei says it's up to the Legislature. He also says the city is seeing more political protests these days and he expects that trend to continue. "I think that's going to increase the burden on us, we're one of four small state law enforcement agencies with a focused mission, ours happens to be here at the Statehouse and at the Capitol," he said.

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