Cannabis bribery, ‘scromiting’ front page news in Massachusetts – Vermont Daily Chronicle

Even the governor hasn’t heard about what’s happening in commercial-pot legal Massachusetts. Whether it’s federal officers leading mayors away in handcuffs for bribery, or people screaming and vomiting in emergency rooms, it’s not a pretty picture.

“As for ‘scromiting,’ the front page headline of the Nov. 12 Boston Globe story says, “It’s honestly hell.” The story reads, “Since recreational marijuana became legal in Massachusetts three years ago, hospitals have noticed more cases of a rare illness afflicting a small portion of heavy cannabis consumers. The condition, called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, can be horrific for patients, causing intense abdominal pain, nausea, and days-long vomiting episodes that are strangely relieved by hot showers or baths. The illness can be cured by quitting pot.” One patient vomited non-stop for 16 days.

If – as in Massachusetts – legalized, marketed sale of high-concentrate ‘edibles’ leads to more ER visits, is Vermont’s health care system prepared for added burden on ER and mental health services? And who will pay – the marijuana industry that sells the products, the consumers who buy them, or the already over-burdened Vermont health insurance rate payer?"

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