Camp Ta-Kum-Ta cancels all summer programs - Fox 44

Immunosuppressed children shouldn’t be in a camp situation, say doctors who oversee care at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta.

"According to executive director Dennis DePaul, the impetus for this move began last month with Dr. Raphael Landovitz, an infectious disease specialist at UCLA who flies from Los Angeles to Vermont every summer to volunteer at the camp. “He started the conversations with us, saying ‘this doesn’t look good. This is not looking good for the camp’s programs, and how are we going to keep our children safe?,” DePaul said. From there, camp administration began to speak with the pediatric oncology department at UVM Medical Center. “It became pretty clear through those conversations that having our children together, being immunocompromised, just was not a good idea. There is no way for us to guarantee safety for those families."

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