By July 1 2020, all Vermonters MUST recycle compostable material – Burlington Free Press

It’s the law – and if you throw food scraps in the trash after July 1, you’re breaking it.

"That's because, as of July 1, 2020, the last phase of Act 148 will become law, which bans the last sector of food scraps from landfills --  the ones from your kitchen's garbage pail -- in favor of mandatory composting. 

Vermont passed the law in 2012 and has been phasing in various parts ever since, the last of which passed into law on July 1, 2017 and required transfer stations and waste haulers to accept food scraps separate from trash. It also required places likes restaurants or other businesses that produced at least 18 tons per year (1/3 ton/week) to separate out their food waste to be composted at any certified facility within 20 miles."

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  • Vicky O'Keefe
    commented 2020-01-05 06:59:26 -0500
    Oh, on reading further, I see that rule had been in effect since 2017, and now will be law for all.
  • Vicky O'Keefe
    commented 2020-01-05 06:52:45 -0500
    This seems ambiguous. Does this mean that if you don’t produce 18 tons of food waste per year, you don’t have to separate out your food waste?
  • C Henry
    commented 2020-01-04 16:56:27 -0500
    This sounds like a great plan, let’s get Garbage Collectors again and maybe, just maybe we won’t have a rat infestation like another third
    world country !!

    Yup, putting the US & our State back a hundred years Liberals …………