Burlington protesters eschew social distancing, violence - Seven Days

Social distancing much? Eh, no….but the crowd surrounding the Burlington Police Department was, at least, peaceful. Sure, some of the signs expressed the desire to have four-letter carnal relations with peace officers. Sure, one of the leaders poured a red liquid at the feet of police leaders, mentioned people who have died as a result of conflicts with police, and said “their blood is on your hands.” Angry words - but, just legal, constitutionally-protected, words.

"The crowd generally jeered the police brass, and a couple of people stepped forward to air their own personal complaints. People held up signs with messages including "F--k the police" and "Convict killer cops." Edosomwan held up a clear gallon jug filled with a red liquid. She dumped it onto the pavement at the feet of the police leaders. "Their blood is on your hands," she said, referring to people killed by cops. The protesters soon departed to head back to the park."

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