Burlington Progs want return to ranked-choice voting – Seven Days

Three Burlington city councilors pine for the good old days (2005-10) when third-party candidates had a better chance of winning, thanks to ‘ranked-choice’ AKA instant run-off voting. They’ve introduced a resolution to bring back the voting system that kept Republican Kurt Wright out of the mayor’s seat, even though he had the most votes.

"Ranked-choice voting, also known as instant runoff, allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. If none wins a majority, the last-place finisher is eliminated. Votes for that candidate are then assigned to voters’ second choice until one candidate gets a 50 percent majority.

Under the current system, a candidate can earn just 40 percent of the vote to win an election for mayor, city council or school board. The system puts independent and non-major party candidates at a disadvantage, the resolution says, and forces voters to choose the candidate who is most likely to win instead of who they favor most.

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