Burlington policing group to study possible gender/race bias in traffic ticketing – True North Reports

Are Burlington police biased against minorities or women in how they issue traffic tickets? A policing oversight group – including the city councilor who earlier this year suggested taking guns away from officers on patrol - will study the issue. Meanwhile VT gubernatorial candidate John Klar said at a policing town hall in Royalton that such accusations are unfair.

"According to the minutes from an Oct. 29 meeting, a data request made to BPD sought a “breakdown by gender and race of suspect of tickets and fines issued over the last five years.” Committee members are interested in civil tickets, not parking tickets, as well as how much money has been generated for Burlington.

The minutes also indicate the committee wants to know more about how the public views the police. As for public perception, the committee aims “to hire a consultant to develop a survey to understand the perceptions of officers in BPD, the perception of members of the community, and to move forward with listening sessions.”

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