Burlington GOP, Progressive councilor reject noncitizen voting – True North Reports

The Burlington GOP is saying it loud and proud – it opposes the proposed voting by noncitizens in city elections. And the Republicans have good company – Progressive city councilor Ali Dieng, who as a new citizen believes voting is a right to be earned through citizenship.

“LaMarche said that he believes giving noncitizens the right to vote is wrong and should be illegal.

“We’ve had some small local discussions about this topic and many are opposed to this, even Democrats and some Progressives. They see the right to vote as sacred, something to attain,” he said. “Burlington Councilor Ali Dieng, who is a new American citizen, is against this idea, too. He told me that he’s passionate about having earned the right to vote (as a new citizen), so he’s going to oppose giving noncitizens the vote.”

Dieng, a Democrat-Progressive who represents Burlington’s Ward 7, is a manager of the Burlington School District’s Expanded Learning Opportunities program. On Nov. 8, he was interviewed by a WCAX-TV reporter and went on record opposing the noncitizen voting effort.

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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-11-27 06:46:30 -0500
    Yes, if you want to "VOTE " become a US Citizen. Liberals in Chittenden
    County are looking for votes to pass more foolishness legislation.

    Chittenden County homeowners beware, it’s your property taxes that fund all the foolish agenda’s….

    For those living in Burlington, remember what the Queen City use to be,
    now it’s homeless & nick-nack shops………thanks to Liberals policies.

    Time for Conservatism in the City !!