Burlington Free Press, with circulation below 10K, faces steep cuts from new owner – VT Digger

The Burlington daily newspaper that once dominated the Vermont news scene has a new owner known to “cut to the bone.” With circulation now below 10,000, it’s primed for further cuts, media experts say.

"The Free Press recently changed hands as part of a $1.2 billion merger between Gannett, the parent company of the Free Press, and New Media Holdings, the parent company of the GateHouse newspaper chain. The newly enlarged company is called Gannett.

The two companies touted the merger — which created the nation's largest newspaper company — as a way to find efficiencies and save money in providing the news.

But news business experts are predicting doom — for readers, for writers and for all of the back-office functions that support media companies.

“More than 10 percent of the chains’ combined workforce — about 25,000 in the United States — will likely get the dreaded call from HR that their services will no longer be needed,” Doctor said in an Oct. 9 column, before the merger.

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