Burlington cop disciplined for dropping f-bomb before fight – WCAX

Body cam footage shows the verbal confrontation last March between Douglas Kilburn and a patient Burlington cop was starting to simmer down. Then after Officer Cory Campbell used the “f” word, Kilburn became angrier, and assaulted Campbell. Kilburn suffered injuries, and died a few days later. Friday Campbell received a reprimand for his use of profane language.

"Campbell's actions were ruled justified by Vermont's attorney general last fall but the AG and others said Campbell's language escalated the situation and contributed to his need to defend himself from Kilburn. In a press release, Burlington Police said Campbell has already received retraining, including playing the role of a person in crisis during de-escalation scenarios. And he has a formal letter of reprimand on his record.In the statement, Deputy Chief Jon Murad said Campbell has been on regular duty since November and "his conduct has been excellent."

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