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Like so many other best-laid plans, Brattleboro’s community marketing plan has fallen to the coronavirus.

""It's just been a crazy success," said Daimian Lix, creative catalyst at Penniless Projects. "You know, even our advertisers we work with ... they were like, 'these numbers are nuts.'" The measuring stick mainly has to do with what is known as the click-through rate or CTR. Lix explained that the rate is defined by expressions, which are the number of times an advertisement is seen online, and clicks, which are counted when someone hits a link within the ad and is brought to, the website dedicated to the initiative. He said industry average for CTR tends to be 0.05 percent. The campaign's average was 0.74 percent, according to a report tracking results from Jan. 15 to March 4. The Rainbow Times, which calls itself "New England's Largest LGBTQ Newspaper," had the most impressive numbers. From Feb. 21 to March 5, the publication reported getting 12,759 clicks out of 898,524 impressions, or a 1.42 percent CTR. From Feb. 18 to 24, there were 6,001 clicks out of 487,915 impressions or a 1.23 percent CTR. From Feb. 5 to 17, there were 4,852 clicks out of 401,026 impressions or a 1.21 percent CTR. And from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1, there were 4,258 clicks out of 387,096 impressions or a 1.11 percent CTR."

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