BLM protesters confront “Thin Blue Line” flag holders - VT Digger

A “Thin Blue Line” flag held aloft by supporters angered some BLM protesters outside of the Burlington Police Department. 

"The scene unfolded late in the afternoon Monday, after Paul Decelles, a Burlington resident and former city councilor, was joined by a group of police backers outside the Burlington Police Department. Some carried flags that depict the “thin blue line” in support of police officers at a time of mounting calls to defund law enforcement agencies and prohibit certain tactics. After 30 minutes of honking, waving and smiles a group of counter-protesters arrived at first in small numbers, but eventually grew to about 20. These protesters wore hats that said “BTV Copwatch” and held signs that said “Black Lives Matter,” and “FTP."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-07-12 19:41:10 -0400
    Once upon a time I saw a sign in the front of a house that read" This house is protected by Smith and Wesson, Our neighbor (arrow pointing to neighbor’s house) doesn’t believe in the 2nd amendment. The folks that want to “defund” the police should all sign a petition stating that they do not want the police to come to their house no matter what, and place a sign on their front lawn stating so.