Bill would shift wildlife management emphasis from hunting to conservation - Eagle-Times

A bill sponsored by Rep. Jim McCullough (D-Williston) would have the Vermont Dept. of Fish and Wildlife spend less time helping hunters and more time preserving wildlife.

“The bill would provide that fish, wildlife and fur-bearing species shall not be managed to serve a special interest sector. The bill provides that the primary mission of the Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Board is the conservation and protection of fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats. The bill further provides that the governance of wildlife in the state shall be carried out in accordance with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,” it reads.

McCullough said the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation was drafted in the mid-1800s and has been what many wildlife management groups in North America look to for guiding principles when setting policies. McCullough said this wouldn’t be a major shift in direction for the department, as it already follows many of the North American conservation principles, but it would acknowledge that activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping are becoming less popular, while other non-consumptive uses for wildlife are growing.

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-01-18 20:32:02 -0500
    POW raising it’s flat, ugly head again. Who do they think will fund the “conservation” of these animals after they get rid of hunting, fishing and trapping ? Bird watchers ? Sportsmen and women have been at the reigns of the overwhelmingly successful wildlife management efforts in North America for over a hundred years now, and yet these Johnny come latelys profess to know better. Just because they loose their lunch at the site of an animal that a hunter has reduced to their possession does not mean WE need to change to suit them. Who do they suppose ensured that there is still wildlife to manage ? Vegetarians ? Please go back to the Flatlands !
  • Blaze Carpenter
    commented 2020-01-16 08:51:52 -0500
    That democrat needs to go. He has no idea how over population would bring these animals into towns if they try to stop the hunting. To many out of staters have scarred our wildlife by buying up our lands and building on them forcing the wildlife out.