Bike ride through Isle LaMotte turns up history, shrine, and very old rocks - Seven Days

There’s no place like Isle La Motte, where Teddy Roosevelt was vacationing when he discovered that President McKinley had been shot.

"St. Anne's Shrine is the ideal place to start, and you can leave your car there. Shortly after you cross the bridge from Alburgh, the Roman Catholic refuge reveals itself on Sandy Point. On the lake side of the tarmac, a Stations of the Cross sculpture garden invites visitors to sit a while, with dedicated benches at each spot. Christ competes with a nearby sculpture of Champlain and his Indigenous guide. On the other side of the road is an open-air chapel where the Edmundite fathers conduct mass at least once a day, all summer. With strategically placed hand sanitizer and every other pew roped off, it's probably the safest place in the state to worship at the moment. Attendance ranges from 60 to 150 people, according to a young groundskeeper who was weeding along the road that leads to the shrine's retreat center."

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