Bike, pedestrian lane for Williston Road coming by 2022 – WCAX

The City of South Burlington plans to make Williston Road, perhaps the busiest commuter highway in Vermont, safer and more accessible for bicycles and pedestrians.

"The city obtained an $800,000 grant from VTrans in 2017 for the $2.4 million Williston Road Streetscape project. The improvements include a separated bicycle facility and sidewalk, a landscaped snow storage buffer, and pedestrian-oriented lighting on the south side of Williston Road between Dorset Street and Midas Drive. Currently, there are no designated bike or pedestrian lanes on that street. But South Burlington City Council Vice-Chair Meaghan Emery says that’s going to change come 2022.

“A lot of people do use this corridor as a commuting corridor even on their two-wheelers so I think it’s a really important thing that we’re doing,” she said. “When you have White Street connecting to Williston Road, it’s a very dangerous corner where you don’t have right angles coming from north and south and so a lot of people are really sitting there wondering if they should even dare turn right if they’re coming from White Street onto Williston Road. So it will really clean up that intersection, not only for bikers but also for drivers.”

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