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Eight Democrat and/or Progressive senators apparently are NOT supporting Molly Gray, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. At least one is actively supporting her GOP opponent, Scott Milne. Even the wife of Senate President Dave Zuckerman had some snarky words for her. For someone who strolled to the nomination on a rose-covered garden path, she’s having a reality check in the run-up to November. Apparently the blessing of family friend Sen. Patrick Leahy goes only so far.

"Nine of the chamber's 24 Democrats and Progressive block turned out to support Gray. Seven others back Gray, her campaign said, but were unable to attend. For Milne, the math was pretty obvious. "I think the big news is the folks who weren't there," Milne said. "We're within weeks of an election -- four weeks and a day -- and my opponent is still trying to garner up her Democratic base.""

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