Biden, in VT, compares Trump to 60’s segregationist George Wallace – whom Biden once admired – Vermont Daily Chronicle

At a fundraising dinner in Vermont Saturday night, Joe Biden compared Pres. Donald Trump to George Wallace. How times change! Several decades ago, Sen. Joe Biden was singing the praises of the 1960’s segregationist Democratic governor and three-time presidential candidate.

"Saturday, 8:34 pm: speaking at fundraising dinner in liberal, affluent, Dartmouth College bedroom community Norwich, presidential candidate Joe Biden compared Donald Trump to segregationist George Wallace, four-term Democratic governor of Alabama and three-time Democratic presidential candidate, tweets Burlington lawyer and politico Ed Adrian.

Adrian includes photos of the event, including former Gov. Peter Shumlin introducing Biden. Adrian quotes Biden in his red-meat speech to high-rolling donors: “Trump is more George Wallace than George Washington….it’s bigger than any of us….we have to restore the soul of this country.”

It’s not the first time Biden has compared Trump to Wallace. After a similar statement in August, Real Clear Politics provides script and video of Trump’s August 7 response:

REPORTER: Mr. President, Joe Biden. Joe Biden says you have more in common with George Wallace than George Washington.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, you know, Joe is a pretty incompetent guy. I’ve watched his interviews. I’ve watched what he said and how he said it. And I wouldn’t have rated him very high in the first place, but Joe Biden has truly lost this fastball, that I can tell you. Thank you.

One wonders if Trump already knew that Biden was once an admirer of the man who declared in his 1963 inaugural speech, “I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Biden praised Wallace over at least two decades. The Washington Examiner reported June 19 that “during his 1988 presidential campaign, Biden praised one of the most infamous segregationists in the United States, former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, and claimed that Wallace had given him an award in 1973 as one of the “outstanding young politicians in America.”

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