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Life a teen mom can be busy, but it doesn’t mean your life is over, one teenaged mom advises.

““Just because a teenager had a kid doesn’t mean their life is over. It’s not,” Burdo said, looking lovingly at her blue-eyed, grinning baby. Burdo got pregnant with her daughter, Callie, when she was a freshman at Bellows Free Academy (BFA) in St. Albans, Vermont. Since then, she earned her diploma online and is now studying to become a nursing assistant.

I met Burdo back in middle school, and since we’re Facebook friends, I saw a picture of her and Callie and reached out for an interview. While we spoke, Callie was busy running around with her toy fire truck in the recreational center we met in. Eventually, Burdo picked her up so she would stop running away and we took a walk around a hallway and then strolled outside. “[Being a mother has] been great. Stressful. Very stressful,” Burdo said, eyeing Callie as she toddled toward the gym. “It’s very hard handling school, work, Callie, everything. It’s amazing just watching her develop and become the little devil she is.”

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